The Redgrove Family is a Fanon Season 29 Episode and the last one in the season. Molly O'Bree visits Palm Beach, FL to meet this family. A fun-loving, relaxed single divorced mother named Felicity, age 34, has Scarlett, age 10, Roy, age 7, and fraternal female twins Kathleen and Joyce, age 3. Scarlett is the only well-behaved child in the house. Roy plays sports in the house and uses sports equipment to damage property. The twins refuse to share and are learning the example of Roy's behavior. Mother Felicity wants to have fun all the time with her kids and doesn't care if they misbehave, leaving routine and discipline to be nonexistent. Can Molly put in the routine for the family or will it become a scrambled egg mess?

This episode marks an issue of the Naughty Corner (for Roy and the Twins), Thought Box (for Scarlett), Get Up and Go Chart, Play by the Rules Technique, and Shared Play.

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