The Read Family is a Fanon season 6 episode of Supernanny. Jo visits San Antonio, Texas, to meet the Read Family. Oscar, age 32, and Jennifer, age 28, have three kids. Tucker, age 5; Taylor, age 3; and Eliza, a newborn who just turned 4 days old. Taylor and Tucker have unacceptable behaviors; they kick, bite, hit, pinch, scream, swear, spit, destroy property, and bully other kids on the playground. Taylor's behavior is even worse than Tucker's, for he steals snacks from other kids, terrorizes his new baby sister every chance he gets, flips the bird to his mother, throws furniture around, pees on furniture, menaces the babysitter, and throws and breaks toys, so Jo introduces the Naughty Chair for the first time.

This episode also marks an issue on the Toy Confiscation, Naughty Pit for Taylor, and the Baby Log.


Naughty Pit

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