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Ramsey Family (Fanon Season 30)
Season 30, Episode 23
Episode guide
McElroy Family
Turney Family
In this episode, Kimberley heads to Cape Town in South Africa to help Flaurent (40) and Gabby Ramsey (42), who have four children. While daughters Becky (14) and Eloise (11) are well-behaved, sons Patrick (10) and Michel (7) are far from it. They are destructive, rude and play violent video games. Will Kimberley tame this family?

Discipline TechniquesEdit

  • Calm Down Zone
  • Lose What You Like Chart
  • Get What You Hate Chart
  • Allowance Chart

Other techniquesEdit

  • Family Time
  • Video Games Technique
  • Block Violence
  • Sibling Box
  • Trust Technique

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