REICHERU (Japanese: レイチェル) is a cyberpunk-horror anime series, it focuses on Reicheru, with the 1st season in the post-Edo, and 2nd season in WWII in Japan and Italy, it will air on Adult Swim on January 1st 2014, and like G.I Giuseppe, it was also not for younger audiences, and it was more appeal to teenage-adult audiences, unlike Sophie the Otter's Big Adventure, which appealed more to Pre-teens and Teenagers instead, it is rated TV-MA for violence, blood, scary scenes, and refrences to war.


Reicheru Chaiko: The title character, a ghost who died in 1613, she has godlike psychic powers and pyrokinesis, she was one of the very few children with these powers, as well as powerful, her goal is to kill the last remaining members of the Todaro Family, being the most powerful wielder of psychic and Mera-Mera


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  • The title appears to be a parody of the 1988 Cyberpunk anime film AKIRA.


The series received critical acclaim and positive review from critics, but negative reviews from GBS.

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