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Before the Revolving Line of CreditEdit

Announcer: "Tonight on Supernanny..."

[Jo rings the doorbell]

Announcer: "Jo meets the Qixxel Family..."

Meghann: "SHUT UP!"

Announcer: "And takes on the brutal 9-year-old daughter..."

Meghann: "You better watch your back, you (bleep)ing (bleep)!"

[Meghann headbutts Erin]

[Meghan punches Jenna]

Announcer: "...who has just been expelled from school."

[Meghann hits Denise]

[Meghann spits]

Meghann: "I will hurt you all!"

Erin: "Stop hurting me!"

Announcer: "Jo has two weeks around..."

Jo: "Meghann, that behavior will make you go into the Reflection Room."

Announcer: " restore power back to the parents."

Meghann: "Sorry."

Announcer: "Will Jo save the family from being torn apart?"


Submission ReelEdit

Jo: "Let's take a look a what family we have this week."

???: "Hi, we're the Qixxel Family. I'm Aaron."

???: "And I'm Denise. I met Aaron in my Junior year of College. He was on the Football team."

Aaron: "We've been married for 10 years now. Anyway, we're here to talk about the dramatic issues of what's going on in this family."

Denise: "We have five kids. Kristin who is 18, Meghann who is 9, and identical triplets Gabrielle, Jenna, and Erin, who are 4."

Meghann (in reel): "Burn in (bleep), you (bleep)ing (bleep)!"

[Meghann (in reel) slaps Kristin]

[Meghann (in reel) strikes Aaron]

[Meghann (in reel) headbutts Erin]

[Erin (in reel) cries]

[Meghann (in reel) punches Jenna]

[Meghann (in reel) bites Erin]

[Meghann (in reel) kicks Jenna]

[Meghann (in reel) strikes Gabrielle with her knee]

[Meghann (in reel) pinches Gabrielle]

[Meghann (in reel) trips Jenna]

Denise: "Meghann has recently been expelled from school for her behavior towards other kids like tripping over them."


Jo: "My, Erin, Jenna and Gabrielle. You look cute."

Erin: "Thanks."

Jo: "Meghann, you are so adorable!"

Meghann: "Thanks, Jo-Jo."

Jo: "You are welcome."

Qixxel Family IssuesEdit

[Meghann spits on Erin]

Observation BeginsEdit

Observation ContinuesEdit

Parent MeetingEdit

House RulesEdit

Reflection Room time for MeghannEdit

Jo: "It wasn't long before Meghann started to kick off over getting fish and chips for lunch."

Meghann: "Shall I have fish and chips, mom?"

[Denise turns around while cooking lunch and faces Meghann]

Denise: "No. We are having steamed vegetables with meat."

Meghann: "You better watch your back, you (bleep)ing (bleep)!"

Jo: "See this behavior Denise? Do you want it to stop?"

Meghann: "I hate vegetables!"

Denise: "Yes, I do."

Jo: "Then give that little girl of yours a warning. That behavior is appalling."

Denise: "Meghann, this is your warning. You need to eat what is placed in front of you, is that understood, otherwise you will be in big trouble with me."

Meghann: "Get stuffed!"

Cut to:

[Meghann is placed in the Reflection Room, scowling]

Denise: "Stay there for 9 minutes because you talked back to me rudely."

9 minutes later...

Denise: "I want you to say sorry."

Meghann: "Sorry."

[Meghann and Denise hug]

Meghann Turns Over a New LeafEdit

Meghann: "I will have my anger taken away."

[Meghann puts a piece of paper, crumbles it, smashes on the floor and stomps on it]

[Meghann tries writing an apology paper, "Dear Family, sorry for bullying my sisters, I will have my anger taken away. I will never punch, fight, pinch, spit, scratch, stab and kick people ever again. Love, Meghann." for her sisters]

10 minutes later...

Meghann: "Look what I made!"

Erin (reading): "Dear Family, sorry for bullying my sisters, I will have my anger taken away. I will never punch, fight, pinch, spit, scratch, stab and kick people ever again. Love, Meghann."

Erin: "That was sweet of you, Meghann."

Meghann: "I know."

Denise: "Cool job on this. And you know what, you're ungrounded!"

Meghann: "Hooray!"

Erin: "How sweet."

Jenna: "How nice of you."

Gabrielle: "How innocent of you."

Bye Bye JoEdit

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