The Qixxel Family is a season 3 episode of supernanny. Aaron, age 35, and Denise, age 40, from Nashville, Tennessee, have 5 daughters. Kristin who is 18, Meghann who is 9, and identical triplets Gabrielle, Jenna, and Erin who are 4. Meghann, who has been kicked out of her school, bullies her parents and older sister, tortures her younger sisters, and does both the same thing to Jo. Meghann also bites Jo. This episode marks an issue of the Reflection Room.



  • Meghann has the same brain mixed with 5 amok runners:
    • Meghann from the Cooke Family
    • River from the McKeever Family
    • Jacqueline from the Dickson Family (Nanny 911)
    • Cheryl from the Silva Family
    • Silas from the McAfee Family

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