Sebastian's DecapitationEdit

[We see Reicheru playing with her Sebastian Nendoroid doll]

Reicheru: "Aren't you so cute, Sebastian?"

[Cut to: Nicole and Sophie in a conversation]

Nicole: "It's a good thing that we're able to get our hands on him before he stole anymore possessions."

Sophie: "Yeah, I know we managed to hunt my genderbent version down. At least it was a close-"

[Suddenly, loud screaming from Reicheru is heard]

Nicole: "Wait! I hear screaming."

Sophie: "It must be Reicheru! We better go check it out!"

[The two walk over to Reicheru and realize that her Sebastian Nendoroid doll has been already beheaded]

Nicole: "Reicheru, is there anything wrong?"

Reicheru: "Hai! That d*** Samuel must've beheaded my Sebastian Nendoroid doll! I can't f***ing fix it without my powers!"

Nicole: "You know what?"

Reicheru: "What?"

Nicole: "My daughter Orla used to do the same thing, but she beheaded her twin sister Kayla's Dora doll, her older sister Skyla's Diego doll, and her older sister Haidyn's Boots doll."

Reicheru: "And?"

Nicole: "They told me what happened, and I sent Orla to the Naughty Pit. Meanwhile, I was busy fixing the dolls so they're good as new."

Reicheru: "Hmm... That's good."

Nicole: "And guess what? I'll do doll surgery on Sebastian!"

Reicheru: "F*** yeah! That'll teach Samuel not to ruin my s***!"

Doll SurgeryEdit

Nicole: "Reich, I have special news for you."

Reicheru: "What is it, Nicole?"

Nicole: "I just fixed your Sebastian doll. Good as new." (Hands it to Reicheru)

Reicheru: "Arigatou, Nicole-san!"

The Pyrokinesis TortureEdit

[Reicheru, Sophie, and Nicole glare at Samuel]

Reicheru: "Time for a pyrokinesis torture, baka!"

Samuel: "Eep!"

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