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Sebastian's DecapitationEdit

[We see Reicheru playing with her Sebastian Nendoroid doll]

Reicheru: "Aren't you so cute, Sebastian?"

[Cut to: Nicole and Sophie in a conversation]

Nicole: "It's a good thing that we're able to get our hands on him before he stole anymore possessions."

Sophie: "Yeah, I know we managed to hunt my genderbent version down. At least it was a close-"

[Suddenly, loud screaming from Reicheru is heard]

Nicole: "Wait! I hear screaming."

Sophie: "It must be Reicheru! We better go check it out!"

[The two walk over to Reicheru and realize that her Sebastian Nendoroid doll has been already beheaded]

Nicole: "Reicheru, is there anything wrong?"

Reicheru: "Hai! That d*** Samuel must've beheaded my Sebastian Nendoroid doll! I can't f***ing fix it without my powers!"

Doll SurgeryEdit

Nicole: "Reich, I have special news for you."

Reicheru: "What is it, Nicole?"

Nicole: "I just fixed your Sebastian doll. Good as new." (Hands it to Reicheru)

Reicheru: "Arigatou, Nicole-san!"

The Pyrokinesis TortureEdit

[Reicheru, Sophie, and Nicole glare at Samuel]

Reicheru: "Time for a pyrokinesis torture, baka!"

Samuel: "Eep!"

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