Proud Family (Not to be confused with the Disney Channel Series) is a Fanon sixth season episode of Supernanny. Nanny Jo visits Tarzana, California to meet the Prouds with 38-year-old dad Abraham, and 35-year-old mom Rhonda, and 6 children: 9-year-old Orlando, 4-year-old Beverly, 5-year-old Eugene, 10-year-old Austin, 6-year-old Charlotte, and 3-year-old Madison. Those kids are all bouncing off the wall and driving mom and dad crazy, and clutter is all over the place. Austin and Orlando are in danger of failing in school because they don't do their homework, they also fight at school, slack on their chores, leave the house without permission to go to a friend's; Charlotte slams the door, talks back to her parents, calls people names, shows no respect for authority, and she swears at them constantly; Eugene, who is diagnosed with ADHD, throws toys and books at his parents, screams, records naughty words into Austin's Nintendo 3DS system, swears, throws sand and rocks at other kids at the playground, and plays in the dirt; Beverly screams, yells, screeches, and shouts at mom and dad, hits and kicks her siblings, swears, uses obscene gestures, and pees on the furniture; and Madison's behavior is no better; she runs outside naked, runs out into the street, is a picky eater, refuses to wake up for preschool, dislikes socializing with others, screams, throws temper tantrums, hits, bites, and pinches. This episode marks the issue of the Socialization, Good Eater, Rise & Shine, Naughty Point, Naughty Room, and Homework Station.

Bad Language