• This family eats kosher food
  • Cole is a fan of the cartoon Woody Woodpecker
  • Jo Frost encounters yet another Jewish family in this episode

A list of schools Lartius has been expelled from:

  1. Lordship Lane Junior School
  2. Wessex Gardens Primary School
  3. Sinai School for blowing up the school parking lot
  4. Whitmore Primary School for computer hacking
  5. Gainsborough Primary School
  6. Getter's Talmud Torah for throwing cherry bombs at the playground
  7. Torah Temimah Primary School
  8. Simon Marks Jewish Primary School for bullying other children
  9. Immanuel College, Bushey for the hazing incident
  10. Pardes House Primary School
  11. Wimbledon Chase Primary School for
  12. John Bell Primary School for

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