In this episode, Ola visits Oakview, California to meet the Prettys. widowed single father Freddie (41) has 3 kids, Hailey (10), James (2 1/2) and Gina (3 weeks). Hailey hits Freddie, James refuses to use the potty, he still wears a diaper is coming next week. Freddie's wife, Tracy, died from childbirth 3 weeks after Gina's birth. Will Ola help this family?

Disipline Techniques: Naughty Step (James for 2 minutes) and Reflection Room (Hailey for 10 minutes)

Other Techniques: Baby Log, Fairies Reward Chart, Potty Training, Off the Hip technique and Family Time


Hailey has the same brain mixed with 3 amok runners:

  • Ben from the Collins Family
  • Grant from the Harmony Family

James has the same brain mixed with 5 amok runners:

  • Adam from the Gorbea Family
  • Trey from the Peterfreund Family
  • Rylan from the Bullard Family
  • Colin from the Dorsie Family

  • Ola encounters a single father and a newborn for the first time.

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