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Pottar Family
Season 5, Episode 15
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Stine Family
The Pottar Family (not to be confused with the real season 7 episode) is a fanon season 5 episode of Supernanny. Jo visits Houston, TX to meet the Pottars. Randall, age 28, and Patricia, age 24, have 4 girls: Isa, age 15 (adopted from New Caledonia), Sydney, age 12 (adopted from Canada), Amanda, age 3, and Kiki, age 1 ½. Sydney has a disrespectful attitude over her parents and does constant Tumblr. Amanda can be destructive and tortures Kiki. Isa decides to become a third parent after these situations happen. This episode marks an issue of the Reflection Room and the Naughty Pit.

The Naughty Pit

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