The Pocoma Family is a fanon season 28 episode of Supernanny. Gloria visits Kamouraska, Quebec in Canada to solve this puzzle. Etienne (40) and Febronie (38) have three adopted children. Kazuki (18) and Satomi (15) are both well-behaved and are from Japan, but Gadadhara (5) is the worst behaved and is from India. Kazuki got lacerated in the face, neck, and abdomen, confined to a wheelchair, his humerus, femur, pelvis, spine, tibia, and fibula all broke, he became drunk, and he got drugs because of Gadadhara. Gadadhara trashes the bedrooms and sucks a sibling's skin until it bleeds. Gadadhara constantly bites, throws, hits, and sneaks. Etienne and Febronie tried timeout and Gadadhara will just run back out. Etienne and Febronie tried all possible facilities, but Gadadhara lacerated 100 officers total, refused over 1000 running laps, over 2500 push-ups, 2500 sit-ups, and 2000 chin-ups. Gadadhara will constantly snack on unhealthy foods. When Gadadhara has to use the restroom, he doesn't. Gadadhara is so racist and does not like Japanese people. Can Gloria save this family or will Gadadhara wreak more havoc and run more amok?

Discipline techniques: Naughty Rectangle

Other techniques: Snack Box Technique, Essay Order.

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