The Plone Family is an episode of Season 29, Gloria travels to London, England to meet a PETA-member father and an anti-PETA mother, Sean, age 39. and, Nicki, age 32 have 5 children, Shannon, age 18, Maria, age 15, Shauna, age 12, Orla, age 8. and Jose, age 5, Jose, Shannon, Maria, and Shauna are 100% well-behaved, but not Orla, she screams at her father, she also hits, swears, and she disagrees with her fathers opinions on animals, saying that they are killing them (her words, not mine!), Sean prevents Pokemon-Digimon-Sonic-Mario-fan Jose, from playing any of the said games, and taken away 5 consoles that play Pokemon-Digimon-Sonic-Mario games by locking them in a cupboard, Jose keeps them hidden from him, can Gloria sort them out, or more chaos will be caused?

Discipline Techniques: Reflection Room (For Orla)

Other Techniques: Thought Box, , Mommy and MeEssay Order, Green Smoothie, Disagreements Technique