The Playgirlgames-Saxobeat Family is a fanon season 25 episode of Supernanny. Ola visits Corona, California to visit the family. Edward Saxobeat (42) and Onlyfemalescan Playgirlgames (40)... Wait a minute? ONLYFEMALESCAN PLAYGIRLGAMES?! Her name used to be Florence Saxobeat, but she changed her name. Edward is a teacher, and Onlyfemalescan hangs out with her friends, Lina (17) is forced to work as a third parent. Robby and Richard (15 1/2) jump on beds, suck their skin until it bleeds, use Karvol, training wheels, arm bands when swimming, and drink out of sippy cups, and still use potties in the loo. Samantha (13) swears and does drugs. She also takes dares and back-talks. Kylie (11) threatens to run away from home everytime she encounters Onlyfemalescan, then she will shout "KYLIE! GET BACK HERE!" then discipline her. But yet, she's anything but well-behaved. Joey (9), Yoshi (7 1/2, born in Japan), and Myles (6 1/2) all are well-behaved, but save their worst behavior for Onlyfemalescan, and do things Onlyfemalescan thinks they shouldn't do. Onlyfemalescan's has lots of abusive discipline methods, over 20 of them. Three and a half years ago, John (3 months) died of Shaken Baby Syndrome. John cried and tried to get Onlyfemalescan's attention while she was playing a very inappropriate game on the iPad and watching a highly inappropriate movie for children. Onlyfemalescan violently shook John to death. Can Ola beat the god out of the swarm of selfish mothers?

Discipline techniques: Double Naughty Swivel (for Robby and Richard), Naughty Tuffet (for Samantha) and Reflection Room (for Kylie)

Other techniques: Home Team Technique, Group Project, Selfish Tame, Essay Order, Drug Disposal, Bye Bye Karvol, Sippy Fairy.