The Pickles Family is a Fanon Sixth season episode of Supernanny. Jo visits Pierre, South Dakota to meet the Pickles Family. David, age 35, and Trudy, age 31, have three boys. James, age 8; T.J. [Tyson John], age 5; and Rocky, age 3. James is very disrespectful and he smart mouths to authority, especially to his parents, and homework time is a nightmare. T.J. and Rocky are running around like wild animals and acting out, using bad language, showing no respect, making messes, rough-housing, and breaking furniture. Rocky recently has been kicked out of Preschool for his aggressive behavior, which results in Trudy having to quit her job, while David works full-time as a Neurologist. Nanny Jo introduces the Naughty Bench and the Homework Station for the first time.
This episode also issues the Naughty Circle for Rocky.