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Before the revolving line of credit Edit

Announcer: "Tonight on Supernanny, Ruth Higgins goes to Colorado to help out a family with their duodectaplets misbehaving."

Alice: "Dawn, go back to the Naughty Pit!"

[Sarah sends to the Naughty Pit]

Submission Real Edit

???: "Hi, my name is Alice and I work as a bankteller."

???: "I'm Joel and I'm a neurologist."

Alice: "We have 3 year old duodectaplets that misbehave all the time, Yvonne, Vivian, Leon, Amanda, Samantha, Jennifer, Lillian, Amy, Karen, Joanne, Regina and Dawn all misbehave by doing bad things."

Joel: "This is my mother, Sarah. She's living with the family since we have full-time jobs."

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