Nanny Jo heads off to Chicago, Illinois to meet the Pechaluk family. a single divorced mom. Jo meets a 42-year-old single mom named Mary who works full-time at the beauty salon, and has 11 kids. On her first marriage (married 22 years ago, divorced 15 years ago) she has Helen (16) and Cody (17). On her second marriage (married 13 years ago, divorced 9 years ago), she has Jeannie (8) and fraternal quintuplets Ice, Ember, Misty, Leif, and Marina (4). On her third marriage (married 7 years ago, divorced 1 year ago), she has 5-year-old Tootie, 3-year-old Winter, and 2-year-old Coco. Mary and all 3 men are divorced. While Cody and Helen are well-behaved, the quintuplets, Jeannie, Coco, Winter and Tootie act odd around the clock and do odd stuff. Is Jo up to the challenge or is she about to be blown away by the kids?

Discipline techniques used: Naughty Bench (for Coco, Winter, Tootie, Marina, Misty, Leif, Ember, and Ice) Toy Confiscation, Homework Station (for Jeannie)

Other Techniques used: Family Time, Stay in Bed, Black Sheets, Homework Station, Jungle Reward Chart, Sweethearts Technique, Shared Play, Roaming Technique, Good Eater, Involvement

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