Before the revolving line of credit Edit

Submission Reel Edit

Observation begins Edit

Parent meeting Edit

House RulesEdit

Jo: "Today, I'm introducing the House Rules."

Serena: "Jo Frost, Do we even need rules?! Are you crazy!?"

Jo: "Yes you do, Serena. Now, rule number 1...."

[Serena reads her Your Thing Magazine]

Serena: "Blah, blah, blah!!"

Jo: "Number one: Listen and obey!"

Serena: "Nag, nag, nag, nag, nag!"

Jo: "Number two: treat other people with respect and kindness."

Serena: "Shut up!"

Jo: "Number 3: Everybody must speak politely to one another."

[Serena, Delia and Dani all walk out]

Jo: "Excuse me, where are you going? I didn't say you could leave."

Delia: "Our house, our rules!"

Jo: "Back here please."

Serena: "Go die in a ditch!"

Game OnEdit

Jo: "Later on, Serena was playing an extremely violent video game called Manhunt."

Serena: "DIE, YOU SON OF A (bleep)! I'm gonna KILL YOU! YOU ARE DEAD!"

Jo: "As I watched the game, I could see a character suffocating bad guys with a plastic grocery bag, and a person being decapitated by a razor wire. That game was filled with such intense bloody and gory violence and strong language. It was absolutely disgusting! Also, that game was rated M for Mature!"

Serena: "OUT OF THE WAY, (bleep)!"

[Jo sees the character of the game suffocate a bad guy with a plastic grocery bag and beat the victim to death]

Jo: "My word...that game is so violent."

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