Ex-Officer Paul Jackson Fleming (born October 23, 1979) is the former husband of Darlene Fleming and the former father of 3 daughters: Jessica, Sylvia, and Larissa.

it is unknown what has become of Paul after he and Darlene are divorced. It is said to have remarried to an Arabian woman after returning to Saudi Arabia.


He is intoxicated by alcohol.


In the Fleming Family episode, Paul is shown to be abusive, short-tempered, an alcoholic, and constantly using profanity, taking his frustration of getting recently fired from his job on his family. He is also seen using drugs, such as LSD, heroin, crack cocaine and meth.

He would also injure a child, as he stabbed a Union of Koreans officer Ri Dae-Jung while he was patrolling Showa Prison Camp. If things go even further, he may even kidnap a child and injure him/her even harder, as shown in Paul II: The Great Revenge.

Family TreeEdit

  • Father: Felix Fleming ( -)
  • Mother: Angela Fleming (née: Kader) ( -)
  • Wife: Darlene Fleming (née: Norcutt) ( -)
  • Daughters: Jessica, Larissa and Sylvia
  • Brothers: Jacob Fleming ( -), Robert Fleming ( -), Steven Fleming ( -)
  • Sisters: Bella Fleming-Darzi ( -), Tabitha Fleming-Albaf ( -), Andrea Fleming-Sultan ( -)
  • Aunts: Lucille, Jessica, Fiona
  • Grandmother: Mariam
  • Grandfather: Edward
  • Uncles: Thaddeus, Henry, John

In Sophie the Otter: Tough GirlEdit

In the game, he is one of the bosses. He is seen holding his daughters hostage in Saudi Arabia, threatening to kill them via decapitation. Sophie and the gang defeat him in order to save Jessica, Sylvia, and Larissa.

In Supernanny: The Theory AnimatedEdit

He appears in his first-namesake episode Paul where he injures a male DPRK child officer named Ri Dae-Jung who is Mark's Another counterpart.

He appears again in Paul II: The Great Revenge, this time kidnapping Ri Dae-Jung and injuring him even worse. Fortunately, King Kool, Princess Starlight, Reicheru, Another Marie, and Sophie managed to defeat him in the climax.


  • He is shown to be a friend of Giuseppe Todaro,John Jamie and Krystyna Halles.

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