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[Ri Dae-Jung is walking through Shōwa Prison Camp]

Ri Dae-Jung: "" (Translation: I hate night patrolling)

[A man sneaks into the camp]

[Ri Dae-Jung is seen sitting in one of the camp cells, then gets up and walks outside]

Ri Dae-Jung: "" (Translation: So beautiful outside, the stars shine like lapel pins and the moonlight is beautiful)

[Marie comes outside holding her Law plush and sits down next to Ri Dae-Jung]

Marie: "Hi, Ri Dae-Jung, how are you?"

Ri Dae-Jung: "" (Translation: Good, but night patrol sucks!)

Marie: "That's sad, isn't it, being outside at 2am, that's very awkward and you got chosen to be night guard, that's very sad, isn't it?"

Ri Dae-Jung: "" (Translation: Yeah)

Marie: "I'm going back to bed now, night!"

[Marie leaves]

[A man then comes outside the camp]

Man: "Ri Dae-Jung, 280,000 deaths, this one's going down."

[Ri Dae-Jung turns around, to notice the man]

Ri Dae-Jung: "" (Translation: Who the h*** are you?!)

[Ri Dae-Jung gets his knife out]

Man: "Ri Dae-Jung, DPRK, age 11, Prison Guard, birthday September 16th, you are under arrest for murder, causing massacres, creating nuclear weapons and causing deaths among this camp."

[Then the man gets a knife, then tries to stab Ri Dae-Jung with the knife, then he avoids, then Ri Dae-Jung tries stabbing him, only to miss, and the man holds him by the neck]

Man: "The name's Paul, You are one of the 11 Death Soldiers."

[The man unbuttons Ri Dae-Jung's coat and and undershirt, then stabs Ri Dae-Jung in the stomach 5-7 times and drops him to the ground and he screams in pain]

Ri Dae-Jung: "" (Translation: It hurts........aughhhhhh........)

[Ri Dae-Jung tries to stand up, but crouches in pain, the blood begins pooling from the wound]

[Paul then leaves]

[Ri Dae-Jung then falls unconscious]

The next morningEdit

[Yong-il Cap and Takumi Cap are holding hands and walking through the camp's campus, then they hear a scream]

Yong-il: "What was that? I'll look."

[Yong-il then walks around to find the source of the noise, he finds Ri Dae-Jung, on the ground, lying in his own blood]


[Ri Dae-Jung does not answer] 

Takumi: "There is red stuff on his belly, and it's leaking onto the floor."

Yong-il: "He's been stabbed?!"

[Yong-il picks up the unconscious Ri Dae-Jung, who then moans]

Ri Dae-Jung: "" (Translation: It.....hurts)

Yong-il: "This doesn't seem good at all..."

Ri Dae-Jung wakes up in hospitalEdit

[Ri Dae-Jung wakes up and finds his Normal counterpart]

Mark: "Uh, I heard you got attacked, that stab wound on your stomach, he stabbed it pretty deep and you bled alot, you were given 2 blood transfusions, one by Ri Min-Li and one by Marie."

[Ri Dae-Jung attempts to stand, but is forced back on the bed by Mark]

Mark: "Please, you can't move just yet, I was asked to treat you wounds and wash you off."

[Mark gets a damp cloth and washes the wound inflicted on Ri Dae-Jung, causing him to flinch and gasp]

Ri Dae-Jung: "거기, 그 아파요!" (Translation: Not there, that hurts like h***!)

Sophie: "Foxy, I know it hurts, but try to hold on, we don't want the wound getting infected."

[Mark continues cleaning the wound while Ri Dae-Jung hisses in pain]

Ri Dae-Jung: (whispers) "" (Translation: Stop it, it hurts)

Mark: "What was that, I can't hear you, Spy, speak up a little."

Maria: "I think he is saying, It hurts."

Mark: "Spy, I know it hurts, but if your stomach gets infected, your organs can be irreparably damaged and worse, you will not be able to eat or drink."

[Ri Dae-Jung continues gasping in pain as Mark cleans off the wound]

Mark: "It'll be OK! I'm making progress."

Ri Dae-Jung: "자신 .... ..... 제어 할 수 없습니다 ....." (Translation: "Can't.....control....myself.....")

Mark: "Almost there."

[Ri Dae-Jung uses his right hand to block out a scream]

Mark: "My Another counterpart......Sophie, his wound is deep."

Sophie: "It is?" (inspects it) "Do we have a better option, since the wound may not be easy to fix? You can figure it out yourself while I bring Tokiko Okina to provide some food if he can still manage to eat or drink."

Mark: "I think so, If that continues on, he would be bed bounded for months, unable to eat or drink, after a few months, death by malnutrition or blood loss, we have to use surgery to repair the inside, then we need to stitch the wound, but he will need at least 4-5 blood transfusions, but, give him simple foods like sandwiches, onigiri, rice, or pudding."

Ri Min-Li: "" (Translation: Hooray! Losing more f***ing blood!)

Marie: "Ri Min-Li....."

After the blood transfusions and surgeryEdit

[Ri Dae-Jung gets up after a week, noticing dried blood on his pectoral and a 5-centermetre scar, his hair loose, he notices Tokiko Okina coming over with kimchi and some fruit on a tray]

Ri Dae-Jung: "" (Translation: How long was I asleep for?)

Tokiko: "Officer Ri Dae-Jung-sama, you slept for a week, you hungry?"

[Ri Dae-Jung feels a sharp pain and clutches his mid-section]

Tokiko: "From the operation or just hungry?"

Ri Dae-Jung: "" (Translation: F***ing starving....)

Tokiko: "I'll leave this here, then."

[Tokiko leaves the kimchi and fruit on his bedside table]

Ri Dae-Jung: "" (Translation: "Thanks...")

Paul Buys ItEdit

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