Announcer: "Tonight on Supernanny, Jo heads to Springfield to help a widowed mother and her five daughters, with the 13 year-old being a spoiled princess."

Orla: "I INSIST on buying BRAND NAME clothes!"

Announcer: "Orla likes to buy all the latest clothes and trends and even makes fun people."

Orla: (to a little girl) "Ha, ha! Your dress is ugly!"

Orla: (to Rhonda) "Look at you, you're sure fat! You should be a sumo wrestler in Japan!"

Rhonda: "Orla taunts me because I'm overweight."

Orla makes fun of peopleEdit

Orla: "Mom is fat! Mom is fat! She's so fat that she can't walk through the doorway!"

Orla: "Karen is a four-eyes!"

Orla: "Rachel is a baldy!"

Orla: "Melissa is a ginger kid!"

Orla: "Mary walks like a drunk guy!"

Rhonda: "Orla taunts me because I'm overweight. she also taunts Karen for having wearing eyeglasses because of a very bad vision without them, Rachel for losing her hair due to chemotherapy when she had leukemia, Melissa for having freckles and red hair, and Mary for having Cerebral Palsy."

Orla: "Mom! Do you know why you have your own zipcode?! Because you are very fat! Someday you'll go to Japan to become the world's first female sumo wrestler! But for now, snack on some Pringles, you lazy, morbid elephant!"

Stay in BedEdit

Rachel: "Mommy, I'm scared!"

Rhonda: "Why?"

Rachel: "Because a monster would eat me!"

Rhonda: "Let's check under your bed, in the closets and in the drawers if that will help."

Jo: "Rachel has bedtime anxiety because she fears that a monster would come and hurt her."


Jo: "It wasn't long before Orla made fun of Mary."

Orla: "Lookie, Mary walks like a drunken guy."

Rhonda: "OrIa Kirsten Patterson. Leave Mary alone!"

Orla: "Oh, shut up Mom!"

Jo: (to Rhonda) "I want you to tell Orla that her behavior is unacceptable. So, give her a warning and tell her if she does it again, she will be going to the Calm Down Zone and will lose a privilege from the Lose What You Like Chart."

Rhonda: "Orla, listen to me. That behavior is unacceptable. This is your warning; and if you keep that up, you will be placed in the Calm Down Zone and have a privilege taken away. Is that clear?"

Orla: "I can't help that Mary is a re(bleep)!"

Jo: "Orla had crossed the line, so Rhonda placed her into the Calm Down Zone."

Jo (to Rhonda): "And I want you to explain why Orla has been placed in here."

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