Jo Frost-11-25-11

Nanny Jo visits Omaha, Nebreska to meet the Patterson Family. 42-year-old dad Norbert and 38-year-old Imogen have 6 kids, Ice (8); Caesar (5 months old); Jade (3); Saffron (7), and identical twins, Cassidy and Esmeralda (4). The twins, Ice, Jade, and Saffron, terrorize baby Caesar, run amok in public, throw and break toys, swear, and even bite their parents' legs. Plus the kids don't bother cleaning up in their playroom so Jo introduces the technique, Busy Bees for the first time.

Other techniques used: Justin Bieber Reward Chart, Roaming Technique, Baby Log, Naughty Cube, Baby Log, Toy Taming

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