This technique was introduced in the Gomez Family. Good behavior is a two-way street - it involves the parent's child listening and the parent offering guidance. The key is patience...


  1. Gather up a bowl or bucket and 10 golf balls or small toys (toy cars are ideal)
  2. Place the bucket anywhere you like in your backyard and design the obstacle course around it: use your lawn furniture, throw cushions, large toys such as Trikes and bikes, your child's jungle gym - anything that takes your fancy (avoid using potentially dangerous yard equipment such as Push mowers). Alternately, play a game at a Local playground And use the play equipment As your obstacle course.
  3. Place the golf balls or small toys randomly among the obstacles, leaving 10-15 feet between each
  4. Blindfold your child and help him to find the golf balls or toys and make his way over to the bucket to drop them in by giving him directions: 'left', 'right', 'straight on', 'three big steps' - you get the picture
  5. Now it's your turn to wear the blindfold and let the child guide you!

What the child has learned: He needs to listen carefully!

What the parent has learned: That discipline is about guidance and instruction - not raised voices and clips around the head!


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