This is another fanfic made by Sophie the Otter on New Year's Day in 2014. It takes place in the previous day, December 31st, 2013, just one day before the fanfic was created. Again, it's told on Sophie the Otter's POV. Also, this is Marilou the Otter's debut here. The story focuses on the concerned SN characters having a New Year's Eve party to introduce 2014, but unfortunately, the selfish SN adults interrupt it. The two sides engage to a battle and the good side wins. They continue the party and 20 minutes later, they view the Ball Drop in Times Square in New York on a very large HD TV.  

Chapter 1Edit

Here was I, at the Supernannya Party Center at 7:00 PM, I was helping out my friends by hanging rainbow-colored streamers on the wall, getting out the foods and drinks, as well as wine (for the adults only, because I am too young to drink that stuff). 

"Hey, how is setting up the party coming along?" A young Floridan female gaming expert in her 20's asked me.

"It's coming along good, Nicole," me and the rest of my Terrific 10 teammates except Nicole replied. 

A ghost girl was in the air, she enjoyed the solitude, and playing Pokemon X on her new Red and Black 3DS XL, she seems to enjoy it

"2014. I wonder what's gonna happen now....." she said while drinking her cold orange juice, she can't drink strong or fizzy drinks.

I continued hanging up the streamers on the ceilings while whistling I Love to Singa quietly.

"Now I will help create the invitations," I said to myself.

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