The Partridge Family (not to be confused with an old TV sitcom) is a Fanon Season 5 episode of Supernanny. Nanny Jo visits Romeoville, Illinois, to meet yet another family in need: The Partridges with five sons, 8-year-old Michael, 10-year-old Jiminy, 3-year-old Ely, 7-year-old Jake, and 11-year-old Harry, and three daughters, 13-year-old Kelly, 16-year-old Marcia, and 9-year-old Mallory. While her 59-year-old dad Homer has just been enrolled in the Army, and 47-year-old mom, Kate, works full time as a nurse at the hospital, which leaves her two eldest children, Marcia and Kelly, to take care of their younger siblings. The younger siblings scream and run around like wild animals, they get into fights, they make a mess, break things, swear, kick and punch, snack throughout the day, and slack on their chores, and it is driving both Marcia and Kelly to complete exhaustion! This episode features an issue of the Naughty Step and the Reflection Room.


Naughty Step

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