In this Fanon Season 31 episode, Ruth Higgins is off to Durban in South Africa to help 47-year-old Sam Parkhurst, who lost his wife Zoe to cancer, just a few days after giving birth to their youngest child Alex 4 years ago. Sam not only has Alex, but he also has Tara (10), who misses her mother terribly and takes her grief and pain out on her father in a violent manner, two sets of identical duodecaplets and fraternal twins. The 7-year-old identical duodecaplets are Josie, Laura, Sasha, Christina, Alexandra, Charlene, Sadie, Gabrielle, Danielle, Kirsten, Natasha and Rosie. The girls are all well behaved, except Natasha. Natasha has sibling rivalry with her duodecaplet sisters, she screams, swears, destroys property, throws things, makes messes and runs away to her friend's house and\or to the playground. Another set of duodecaplets are Tim, Tony, Robbie, Gary, Lee, Alan, Pete, George, David, Ian, Stewart and Nicky, who are all five years old. Nicky is well-behaved, but not his brothers. The boys throw epic and violent tantrums when things didn't go their way. The fraternal twins are Rebecca and Joseph who are both 4 years old. Rebecca is the sweetest child, but not her twin brother Joseph. He menaces his twin sister, swears and runs away to his friend's house and\or to the playground. While Alex (3) causes epic scenes in public. Natasha, Tim, Tony, Robbie, Gary, Lee, Alan, Pete, George, David, Ian, Stewart and Joseph also menace Natasha's duodecaplet sisters, Nicky and Rebecca and their pets. Can Ruth sort this family out?

Discipline Techniques: Naughty Tuffet (for Tara), Chill-Out Zone (for Natasha), Naughty Mat (for the male duodecaplets, except Nicky), Naughty Circle (for Joseph), Naughty Pit and Super Naughty Pit (for Alex), Toy Confiscation (for Natasha, the male duodecaplets, except Nicky, Joseph and Alex), Lose What You Like Chart (for Tara)

Other Techniques: Group Project

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