In this episode, Jo heads to Bangor to help Dean (32) and Mary-Jo Parker (27) with their five children. While Maya (5) is well-behaved, all her younger siblings aren't. Christopher "CJ" (aged 4) likes to hit his older sister and refuses to sleep in his own bed. Fraternal twins Audrey and Andrea (both 3) fight with each other and refuse to play together, while Zack (2) constantly screams and cries for Mary-Jo. Can Jo save this family?

Discipline techniques used: Naughty Chair (for CJ) and Naughty Pit (for Audrey, Andrea and Zack)

Other techniques used: Stay in Bed, Shared Play, Reward Chart (Daisy Duck for Maya, Dinosaurs for CJ, Strawberry Shortcake for Audrey and Andrea and Handy Manny for Zack), Don't Lift The Child and Family Time

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