Pamela Gentry (born October 4, 2008) is the eldest child of Bruce and Andrea Gentry.



Family TreeEdit

  • Father: Bruce Gentry (1975-)
  • Mother: Andrea Gentry (née: Hayward) (1981-)
  • Brothers: Leon Gentry (2013-), Vincent Gentry (2015-)
  • Sisters: Rosie Gentry (2014-)
  • Aunts: Clarissa Hogarth-Gentry ( -), Melody Keen-Hayward ( -), Madeline Honeysett-Gentry, Sophie Gentry-Ilbert ( -), Rachel Jarvis-Gentry ( -)
  • Uncles: Chip Gentry ( -), Grant Hayward ( -), Lawrence Gentry ( -), Coby Ilbert, Donald Gentry ( -)
  • Cousins: Kae Hayward, Austina Gentry, French Hayward, Duff Hayward, Neal Gentry, Hailey Gentry, Nao Gentry, Danny Hayward, Jani Gentry, Hideo Gentry, Eda Hayward, Yasu Gentry, Takashi Gentry, Lung Gentry, Kent Gentry, Sherman Hayward, Priscilla Gentry, Alexis Gentry, Jaylen Gentry, Dillion Gentry, Amira Gentry, Trenton Gentry, Jacky Gentry, Brandon Gentry
  • Grandmothers: Angelica Gentry, Quinn Hayward
  • Grandfathers: Foster Gentry, Devin Hayward


  • Her full name is Pamela
  • She is a huge fan of
  • Her favorite store/brand is
  • Her favorite show is
  • her favorite movie is
  • her favorite toy is


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