Submission ReelEdit

Jo: "Let's take a look and see what family we got here."

???: "Hi, we're the Palmer Family, I'm Tracey

???: "and I'm Mark."

'Tracey: "We have 3-year-old fraternal triplets, Diesel, Tia, and Todd. 'We really need Supernanny, we are in a dark face at the moment. The triplets spit on the floor..."

[Todd spits on the kitchen floor]

Mark: "Not only that, they have terrible table manners."

[The family are seated at the dining room table for a meal]

Diesel: "Poop."

[Tia belches loudly]

Tracey: "Tia! Mind your manners!"

[Todd makes gagging noises when Tracey serves him oatmeal]

Tracey: "Oh, stop it."

Diesel: "Poop it."

Mark: "They refuse to eat whatever you serve them. Tia has Type 1 Diabetes, and she needs to eat to control her blood sugar."

Tracey: "Tia, do you want to get sick?"

Tracey: "Diesel's obsessed with the word 'poop'. Seriously, that's what he ever talks about...especially at the table."

Diesel: "Poop."

Tracey: "Cut it out."

Diesel: "Poop it out."

Jo: (gasps) "My word, that is innapropriate."

Diesel: "Poop be nimble, poop be quick, poop jumped over the poopy stick."

Tracey: "Okay, you are going in timeout."

Mark: "We tried Nanny 911 but it didn't work out. It was too intense for us!"

Family IssuesEdit

Tracey: "Kids, it's time for your bath."

Todd: "No! I'm not stinky!"

Tracey: "Todd, it's bath time. I'm not kidding."


[The Palmer Family are seated at the dining room table for lunch]

Diesel: "Poop."

Tracey: "Diesel, we're not gonna say that 'cause it's rude. We're not gonna talk about poop."

Diesel: (ignores Tracey's comment) "Poop."

Mark: "Hey."

Diesel: (ignores Mark's comment) "Poop it."

Tracey: "Cut it out!"

Diesel: "Poop it out."

Tracey: "This is your warning, Diesel. We do not talk about poop while we sit at the lunch table. I'm gonna put you in a timeout."

Diesel: This is your poop, we talk about poop while we sit at the lunch table. I'm going to put you in a poop.

Tracey: Right! Naughty Circle!

[Tracey deposits Diesel on the Naughty Circle and confiscates his Plex plush]

Tracey: Stay here for 3 minutes, and your Plex plush is in toy jail.