[Music is playing and they are the team and their allies dancing at an anime-comic cosplay party in the SNFW Headquarters]

Satoko: "" (Translation: Miss Okina, do you like my Lady Loki cosplay?)

Tokiko Okina: "" (Translation: It's very beautiful and black and green suits you very, very well, I'm a Meowstic, male form, he's my favorite Pokémon, Nya!)

Toshio: "" (Translation: Fun, isn't it, Wei Zhenghan is a very good rapper)

[Tokiko Shako is seen dressed in Bleach Shimigami robes with her parents Ryou and Sakura]

Tokiko Shako: "" (Translation: The decorations sure are pretty, aren't they mommy)

Sophie: (dressed up as Patty Rabbit from Maple Town) "This party is going so well!"

Marilou the Otter: (dressed up as Hello Kitty) "Yeah! Don't you think I look adorable in my Hello Kitty costume?"

Sophie: "Of course you are!"

[Dietrich and Antonino are dressed as Captain America and Deadpool]

Dietrich: "" (Translation: Not my favorite cosplay, but very easy to make and it's perfect!)

Antonino: "" (Translation: Yeah, right?)

PETA Party Poopers Edit

[Bridget and a group of PETA members break in through the door, and Satoko, Tokiko Shako, Tokiko Okina, and the others run back to Sophie and sit]

Bridget: (through a headphone) "We are the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, we are protesting you because you serve meat dishes and your insensitive use of Pokemon decorations and cosplay made of fur!"

Reicheru: "Oh god, not PETA again!"

Another Kazuki: "" (Translation: "Get your ***es out of here!")

[Male PETA member comes across Tokiko Okina and attempts to take her Male Meowstic doll off her]

Tokiko: "Don't take Rukoshi, it's my doll!"

Male PETA member: "Give it to me, it's animal abuse which is against the law---"

[The Male PETA member is burnt by blue flames from Another Reicheru, And Tokiko Okina runs to her]

Tokiko: "Another Reicheru!"

Another Reicheru: "" (Translation: "What is it, Tokiko?")

Tokiko Okina: " They almost took Rukoshi off mel)"

[Reicheru turns to Alois, Alessa, and Tokiko]

Reicheru: "Tokiko! Alois! Alessa! You three take out some of the members!"

[Reicheru turns to the Chinese ghost kids]

Reicheru: "Wei! Mulan! Jiao! evacuate everyone!"

[Reicheru goes to the WWII sniper ghosts]

Reicheru: "Ryou, Dietrich, Antonino! Take them down!"

Ryou: "" (Translation: "Roger that, Reicheru!")

[We see half of the PETA members dead by gunshots]

Antonino: "" (Translation: Little girl, leave, now!)

The Fun Must Go On Edit

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