Otter Power is one of Sophie the Otter's themes. It is the main theme song in Sophie the Otter: Tough Girl. It is sung on Sophie the Otter's POV. Its genre is 80's style rock.


Verse 1:

By the lake, I spent my time with three kids.

I thought it was going to turn out fine.

But we were ambushed. You know what they did.

They touched my cousins and stuff that was mine.

Verse 2:

This won't be something of an easy job.

Guess only one's self just isn't enough.

I might be suggested to form a mob.

In addition to that, I will become tough.


I'm already armed with boundless H2O.

My mind is ready to fight the sour.

My personal sense tells me where to go.

Therefore, I have what's called Otter Power!

Verse 3:

But on the downside, concerns got to me.

I wondered if the bad were too well-prepared.

Had it been that, defeat is what I'd see.

Then I forgot that I should not be scared.

Verse 4:

My journey might last over a few days.

So lots of danger and big thrills await.

I'd end up heroic in a few ways.

I suppose this quest might at least be great.

(repeat of chorus)

Verse 5:

I will rescue those who I really trust.

And I shall retrieve my prized possessions.

This is a challenge. Must try hard, I must!

Very soon, go time will be in session.

Verse 6: Now I'm ready to show who's really boss.

I'll do my best to end this disaster.

I need to prevent any single loss.

If I'm lucky, I'll be dubbed the master.

(repeat of chorus two times)

End Verse

Time to put the journey into action.

Hope for defeated villains' reactions.

Japanese VersionEdit

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