The Othorimer Family is a fanon season 13 episode of Supernanny. Jo helps out a family in Waterloo, IA to help out Robert (40) and Orla (39). Morisa (13) is selfish and always INSISTS of BRAND NAMES on everything and has violent outbursts and often punches things with rage. She has been expelled from at least 15 schools. Olesia (11) always disagrees with rules and has burned and ripped rules charts. She had burned 30 house rules charts and got expelled from over 30 schools for ripping house rules charts and other kinds of bad behavior. She also plays violent video games on her iPod Touch, XBOX 1080, and ninth generation handheld system. Morisa and Olesia always spend hours chatting with their friends upon MySpace, Bebo, and their cell phone. Don't play with Jay (6). He is the worst one of all. He's very aggressive. He writes on the walls, spits in faces, destroys electronics, flips people off, and bites. However, Kenisha (8 1/2) diagnosed with a lethal shrimp allergy, is into none of that and is the only well-behaved child and will turn 9 in a few days. Can Jo's Lose What You Like Chart and Reflection Room stop the troublesome team or will the family's worst nightmares come true? She also uses the Snack Box Technique, White Sheets, Block Violence and Vandal Disposal.

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