Jo returns to the UK to help Kent (41), Mabel (76) and Stacey (35) Orr from London, England take back control of the wild, unruly kids: Rindo (10), Trevor (9), Joseph (7), McKenna (6), Raistlyn (5), Jasmine (4), and Kate (11 months). McKenna, Raistlyn and Jasmine terrorize and threaten baby Kate, swear, vandalize the walls with markers, paints, and crayons, show no respect for their grandmother Mabel's privacy and mess with her things, moon their neighbors, scream, and act up in public. Joseph, Rindo, and Trevor play with machetes and axes, swear, torture the family pets, act aggressive towards each other, refuse to do their chores or their homework, spy on the neighbors encourage their younger siblings all kinds of bad behavior, and drive dad's car. Can Jo tame these wild kids?

Discipline Techniques: Green Smoothie, Naughty Corner (For Jasmine and Raistlyn) Naughty Zone (for Rindo, Joseph, McKenna and Trevor), Toy Confiscation, Privilege Removal Board

Other Techniques: Baby Log, Chore Board, White Sheets, Vandal Disposal, Homework Station and Jungle Reward Chart