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Orla Kirochu (née: Müller) (born January 9, 1978) is the adoptive mother of Ji min, Ji woong, Tariko, and Anna and grandmother of 5 children: Ji kwong, Ji sung, Ji hung, Ji chang, and Ji wang.

Family TreeEdit

  • Father: Johan Müller ( -)
  • Mother: Eleanor Müller (née: Rogers) ( -)
  • Sisters: Felicity Müller-Jordan ( -), Wilhelmina Müller-Taylor ( -), Temacu Müller-Oleman ( -), Natalie Müller- ( -)
  • Husband: James Kirochu (1987-)
  • Father-in-Law: Herbert Kirochu (deceased: - )
  • Mother-in-Law: Natasha Kirochu (née: ) ( -)
  • Son: Ji woong Kirochu (1999-)
  • Daughters: Ji min Kirochu (1999-), Tariko Kirochu (2006-), Anna Kirochu (2011-)
  • Nephews: Drew Müller
  • Nieces: Nicole Müller, Rita Müller, Lily Müller


This mother believes in the tough love approach



She has light brown hair, pale skin and green eyes. She wears a blue sweater, some blue skinny jeans and white heels. In the revisited, she has hair tied into a ponytail, white sweater, yellow jeans and blue flats. She wears different clothes.


James ~ her husband

Ji sung

Ji Woong ~ her only adoptive son who is from South Korea.

Ji Chang

Anna ~ her adoptive daughter from Russia.

Ji hung

Tariko ~ her adoptive daughter from Japan.

Ji wang

Ji min ~ her adoptive daughter from South Korea

Ji Kwong ~ her granddaughter


  • Her favorite country is South Korea.

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