Nicole: "Girls! Time for school! Let's go, let's go!"

Kayla: "Coming!"

Skyla: "Coming!"

Orla: "Coming!"

Nicole: "Where's Haidyn?"

Haidyn: "Coming, Mummy! I need to get my books and my homework! I'll be right down!"

[Haidyn rushes upstairs]

[Haidyn runs back downstairs with her books and her homework]

Nintendo CompanyEdit

Nicole: (cheerful voice) "Hello, this is Nicole Birou. How may I help you today, Edward?"

Nicole: "Yes, I'm available today!"

Nicole: "Let me see what I can do for you, Jacob."

Nicole: "Aiden, is there something I can't for you?"

Orla at SchoolEdit

Haidyn: "There's my class! See you later!"

Principal's OfficeEdit

Principal: Orla, why are you here this time?

Expulsion AftermathEdit

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