In this episode, Kendra heads to Baltimore to help single mother Lisa Oritz (36) and her five children, with husband Matt in Iraq. While oldest children Hunter (15), Layla (13), and Karsyn (11) are well-behaved, it's the younger children that misbehave. While Andrew (8) refuses to do his homework OR go to bed at a decent hour, Giselle (5) is extremely violent. She is known to hit, punch, bite, kick, scratch and even try to stab people when she's really mean. Will Kendra be able to tame Giselle?

Discipline techniques used: Naughty Cube (for Andrew, One-Strike-and-You're-Out (for Giselle) and Toy Confiscation (for both kids)

Other techniques used: Family Time, Thought Box (for Hunter and Layla), Stay in Bed, Homework Area, Chore Buddy System and Reward Chart (Pokemon for Andrew and LaLaLoopsy for Giselle)