The Oplian Family is a fanon season 10 episode of Supernanny. Jo visits Miami, Florida to meet the Oplians. Corey, age 35, and Melanie, age 32, have 6 kids: Allen, age 10, Oswald, age 8, Gretta, age 6, and fraternal triplets Paul ,Glenn, and Lily, who are all 4 1/2. Allen and Oswlad slack on their chores and play violent video games constantly. Gretta refuses to do her homework, and the triplets hit, scream, throw toys, and are picky eaters. Can Jo help this family to return to normal again? This episode marks an issue of the Reflection Room, Naughty Chair, Chore Buddy System, Homework Station, Video Games Technique, and Good Eater.
Jo Frost-11-18-11

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