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Oliver gets sent to Theraputic Boarding School

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Jasmin's DecisionEdit

Jasmin: "Put together, your behavior at all three places was no good. Because of this, you must go to Theraputic Boarding School."

1 week after Oliver has leftEdit

[Jeff is playing with his toys]

2 weeks after Oliver has left Edit

3 weeks after Oliver has leftEdit

[Oliver throws balloons filled with water, carrot juice, wine, mud, urine, worms, feces, broccoli, and snot]

Officer: (angrily) "100 jumping jacks!"

Cut to:

[Jasmin is bottle-feeding Jeff]

5 weeks after Oliver has leftEdit

Oliver: "You must die and never ever return!"

Officer: "Do 5 jumping jacks!"

Cut to:

[Jasmin is playing with Jeff]

10 weeks after Oliver has leftEdit

[Jasmin is giving Jeff a bath]

3 months after Oliver has left, the phone ringsEdit

[Jasmin is playing with Jeff]

[phone rings]

Jasmin: "Hello, Lake residence. Who's calling please?"

Mrs. Emily Hilton: "Mrs. Lake? This is Mrs. Hilton, the principal of Theraputic Boarding School speaking."

Jasmin: "How did Oliver do?"

Mrs. Emily Hilton: "He did terrible! He threw water balloons at me, shouted very bad words, stabbed the teacher in the leg and prank-called Domino's Pizza and asked for over 500 pizzas!"

Jasmin: "Oh my God, what should I do?"

Mrs. Emily Hilton: "He is the worst case since Orla Birou! Please pick him up ASAP!"

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