The Okina Family is an episode of Season 29, Annie travels to Tokyo, Japan to help a grieving family who lost their bullied 14-year old son to suicide, Mika, age 34, and Ryu, age 32, have 3 daughters, Yuki, age 6, Tokiko, age 4, and Sachiko, age 2, Their son Satoshi, age 14 died due to excessive bullying, and gave his toys to his sisters, Yuki and Sachiko are well-behaved, Tokiko isn't, Tokiko swears, hits, and angrily takes grief out on her parents, and misses her brother terribly, and witnessed him performing seppuku on himself, and the only thing Tokiko remembers Satoshi by is a Male Meowstic plush that she always holds, can Annie help this grieving family out before it becomes even worse?

Discipline Techniques: Naughty Box (for Tokiko)

Other Techniques: Memory BoxSweethearts Technique