The Okawa-Areso@$!#ingungrateful Family is a fanon season 27 episode of Supernanny. The family resides at Memphis, TX. Satoko Okawa (27) and You&^*$ing!$@%#es Areso$@!$ingungrateful (40)... wait a minute... OMG!!! YOU****ING*****ES ARESO****INGUNGRATEFUL?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Oh, correct, his original name was Ron Joe (he is Ms. Joe from Ji woong Kirochu's class's nephew!). He is the most selfish parent and NANNY you'll ever encounter. The family has eight children: Marie (17), Gladys (15), Martina (13), and Paloma (11) are all stubborn and join with the mean father, those four children are from the stubborn parent's previous marriage. Takashi (8), Misawo (6), Kai (4), and Arata (3) are from Satoko's previous marriage, and they are all well-behaved.

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