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Ocay Sitconfiver
Vital statistics
Title No information
Gender Male
Race Black
Aliases None yet
Born April 29, 1975
Died Living
Cause of death Living
Years Active 2017-present
Height 5'11"
Weight 161 lb
Friends Enes Logli Macegrade
James Macegrade
Enemies Unknown
Location Brooklyn, NY
Spouse Jennifer Sitconfiver (2017-present)
Occupation(s) Teacher
Ocay Sitconfiver (born April 29, 1975) is the second husband of Jennifer Sitconfiver. He is the friend of Enes Logli Macegrade and James Macegrade, and a main character in Todaro Warehouse Blast.


He has black skin, black hair, and amber eyes.

Family TreeEdit

  • Father: Barry Sitconfiver (1943-) (age 69 or 70)
  • Mother: Mamie Jones-Sitconfiver (1948-) (age 65 or 66)
  • Wife: Jennifer Sitconfiver (1975-) (age 36)

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