In this episode, Deborah Tillman heads to Detroit to help a single mother on the verge of a breakdown. Sabrina O'Melia (37) recently lost her husband Mark in a tragic car accident and their three children have taken their father's death the hardest. Lucas (13) won't even talk about his dad and lashes out when Mom tries to bring the subject up, Jessica (9) is rude and disrespectful to Sabrina and refuses to do her homework and finally Aidan (2) spits in his older siblings meals and refuses to pick up his toys. What's worse is that Lucas instigates Aidan into doing bad things. Will Deborah help this family before things crumble?

Discipline techniques used: Lose What You Like Chart (for Lucas and Jessica), Calm Down Corner and Toy Confiscation (both for Aidan)

Other techniques used: Thought Box, Family Time, Homework Area, Chore Buddy System and Sweethearts Technique

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