O'Malley Family is a Fanon fifth season episode of Supernanny. Nanny Jo visits Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to meet the O'Malley Family. Gomez age 38, and Patricia age 36, have 5 boys. Matthew who is 10, Logan who is 7, Daniel who is 6, Nicholas who is 5, and Noah who is 2. The boys fight against each other, spit, swear, destroy property, scream, throw toys, rip pieces of furniture, play violent video games, play with dangerous objects, have very bad table manners, and they terrorize and bully their playdates. Little Noah still drinks from a baby bottle and still wears a diaper, and he refuses to be potty-trained, so that means whenever he has to go, he goes on his diaper. Can Nanny Jo tame these wild boys? This episode marks an issue of the Naughty Square (Nicholas for 5 minutes and Noah for 2 minutes), Potty Training, Bye Bye Bottle, Toy Confiscation, Mommy & Me, and the Naughty Room (Logan for 7 minutes, Daniel for 6 minutes and Matthew for 10 minutes).


Run Amok

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