Before the Revolving line of CreditEdit

Announcer: "Tonight on Supernanny..."

Submission ReelEdit

Jo: "I'm here in Washington, Alabama ready to help another family. Let's take a look who we got this week."

???: "Hi, I'm Rick and I run a catering service."

???: "And I'm Martha and I own a nail salon."

Martha and Rick: "We are the Nurins."

Martha: "We have 6 kids: identical triplets Emma, Fiona, and Merum who are 4, Charles who just turned 3, Tia who is 2 1/2, and Drew who is 4 months."

Rick: "The triplets, Charles, and Tia, are the problem in this household."

[Tia bites Drew's arm]

Rick: "They attack baby Drew..."

[Fiona attacks Drew]

Martha: "They throw things..."

[Emma throws her cereal bowl on the floor]

Martha: "...And they also throw food all over the place."

[Merum and Charles throw mashed potatoes at the kitchen wall]

Martha and Rick: "Please Supernanny..."

Martha: "Please come help us."

Jo: "Rick and Martha, I'm on my way and I will be there soon."


Observation BeginsEdit

Observation ContinuesEdit

Parent MeetingEdit


Circus Reward Chart TechniqueEdit

Jo: "I wanted to let the parents reward their children with anything they desired to. I introduced the Circus Reward Chart."

Jo: "All five of you, you are going to be clowns shot out of your own cannon to your trapeze. If your clown reaches the trapeze, you can do or get anything you want, but you must do something good in order to get to the trapeze!"

Charles: "I like clowns and I like the circus."

Jo: "If you get to the trapeze, what reward will it be for you?"

Fiona: "Ice cream!"

Emma: "Nail polishing!"

Merum: "Build-A-Bear Workshop!"

Charles: "More TV time!"

Tia: "A new bubble machine!"

Jo: "Alright! Those are nice rewards!"

Rick: "I love that idea! Our kids have to do good things to get rewards."


DVD MeetingEdit


Bye, Bye, Jo-JoEdit

Family UpdateEdit

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