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Jo talks to CharityEdit

Jo: I wanted to talk to Charity on how she feels to have foster siblings and her relationship with Maria.

Jo: "What's it like having foster siblings?"

Charity: "It's okay I guess. I just wish Mom would spend more time with me, Dylan and Lucy. I feel like she doesn't love us anymore."

Jo: "And have you ever got the chance to tell her how you feel about that?"

Charity: "No. Because she's always so busy trying to maintain this house."

Jo: "And how do you feel about that, Charity?"

Charity: "It hurts. It's effected me more than it has Dylan."

Parent MeetingEdit

Jo: "For a woman to be a foster mother, while her husband is fighting the war is pretty impressive. You also have a baby girl along with two kids of your own. And I respect you for that. However, yesterday I spoke to Charity and Dylan and they reckon that you don't love them anymore because of you fostering other children."

Maria: "I can never stop loving my children, and I never will!"

Jo: "In regards to Lucy, how many times do you feed her and put her in her crib?"

Maria: "I don't know. To tell you the truth, Jo. I kinda lose track..."

Jo: "I will make sure you get something to keep track of Lucy's routine. How long have you been fostering children for?"

Maria: "I've been a foster mother for about 15 years."

Baby LogEdit

Jo: "Because Maria loses track of Lucy's routine, I wanted to give her the Baby Log so she can keep track of when Lucy was fed, had a bottle or sleeping."

Jo: "Today, I'm going to introduce to you the Baby Log."

Maria: "That sounds wonderful, Jo. I like that."

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