The Nori Family is a fanon season 6 episode in Supernanny. In this episode, Jo sets off to Dallas to help 39-year-old foster mother Maria who is struggling to maintain control of her eight foster kids, two biological kids and a newborn, now that her husband Norbert (40 1/2) is back in Iraq. Maria's foster kids are well behaved, but her two biological children Charity (13) and Dylan (10) have been known to answer back when things don't go their way. Charity likes to bite her nails and this causes huge problems with Maria. To make matters worse, Maria is also trying to look after her 2-month-old daughter Lucy and hardly has any time for the newborn as she is dealing with the drama Charity and Dylan cause. Can Jo help this stressed out mother keep up to date with Lucy via the Baby Log and discipline her kids with the Calm Down Zone before things get worse?

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