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Nobuko Taeko (born November 25, 2015) is a daughter of Satoko and Satoshi Taeko.


She wears glasses, she has black hair


Family TreeEdit


  • Her full name is Nobuko Tariko Taeko
  • She was diagnosed with Epilepsy when she was 5
  • She received a Treecko plush, Pokémon Substitute plush and Shadow Lugia plush for Chūgen
  • Her favorite ice cream flavor is crab
  • She began wearing glasses when she was 4
  • Her favorite toy is her Mew plush
  • Her favorite color is purple
  • Her favorite snack is Pocky
  • She wants to run her own dojo and become a shihan
  • She has her own ninja outfits in her closet
  • She received a Butterfree plush and a Spiky-eared Pichu for her birthday
  • She received a Tufty-Hair Pichu plush and a Tododile plush for Christmas
  • She received an Umbreon plush as an Oseibo gift


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