The Nita Family is the first episode of the 10th season. Jo helps 2 parents from Brooklyn, New York that only speak Japanese. Toshio, age 37 and Satoko, age 38 Have 5 Kids 3 are from different countries: Cassie, age 18 1/2 (From China) from Satoko's previous marriage identical twins Marian and Toki age 17 from Toshio's previous marriage are well behaved and understand Japanese, but not their little brother Thomas, age 9 (from Lurgan, Northern Ireland in the UK). He has violent outbursts and tantrums and even punches Cassie's womb containing her upcoming daughter and their little sister Katie, age 11 (from South Korea) is too shy to speak to her parents but is well-behaved also Cassie's birthday is in a few days. This episode features the Calm Down Zone, Thought Box (for the twins and Katie), and Same Page.

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