Getting Ready for SchoolEdit

Nicole: "The Dano Family triplets from England were suspended for a week from Eisenhower Elementary School due to pressing the fire alarm button."

Jenny: "Wake up children! Time to get ready to go to school!"

[Day deposits a hammer in her backpack]

At schoolEdit

The incidentEdit

Nicole: "Shortly after lunch, Day, Night, and Sunday all came across a red fire alarm button."

[The triplets walk by and stop at a fire alarm button with words that read "IN CASE OF EMERGENCY, BREAK GLASS"]

Day: "It's a good thing that I brought in a hammer!"

[Day hands the hammer to Night]

Night: "Time to break it open!"

[Night pounds on the glass with the hammer, breaking it]

Sunday: "Now we will push on the button!"

[Sunday pushes the button]

[Fire bells begin to ring in the background]

[The sprinklers spray water]

[Cut to: The triplets' 1st grade teacher named Mrs. Maybury in her classroom with her students (minus the triplets)]

Mrs. Maybury: "Sounds like a fire drill to me, boys and girls. Line up single file!"

[10 minutes later]

Security Guard: (to Mrs. Maybury) "Our security cameras detected 3 students in your class who were near a fire alarm button. The school did not schedule any fire drills today."

Mrs. Maybury: "Sunday, Day, and Night Dano! You three need to come over here now."

[The triplets come to their teacher]

Night: "What is it, stupid?"

Mrs. Maybury: "Don't talk to me like that and listen. Did you activate the fire alarms and sprinklers when there was no fire drill scheduled for today?"

Day: "Three simple letters! Y.."

Night: "E.."

Sunday: "S! Spells yes!"

Mrs. Maybury: "Kids, you know that it's a false alarm!"

Day: "What's a false alarm?"

Mrs. Maybury: "A false alarm is when you call someone who helps out in our town even though there is no emergency."

Sunday: "How much trouble are we in, Mrs. Maybury?"

Mrs. Maybury: "A lot. Come with me to the principal's office."

At the Principal's OfficeEdit

Nicole: "At the principal's office, Principal Moore had a discussion with the triplets and their teacher on the incident."

Principal Moore: "You 3, let me have a talk with you."

The SuspensionEdit

Principal Moore: "For activating the fire alarm when there is no fire drill or emergency happening, you will be suspended for one week. I will call your mommy and daddy about it. You three should realize by now that false alarms are no joking matter."

[Principal Moore dials a number to ]


The triplets get in big troubleEdit

Nicole: "At home, Jonathan and Jenny grounded the triplets from their favorite things."

Jonathan: "You three, you have been suspended for causing a false alarm?!"

Jenny: "I can't believe that it happened! You three are grounded until your suspension time is over."

Sunday: "What are our punishments, mommy and daddy?"

Night: "What are you taking away from us?"

Day: "What will you say no to for us?"

Jonathan: "There will be no Winnie the Pooh stuff, no computer, no TV, no playing outside, and no ice cream. These are the 5 things you're banned from."

Jenny: "Plus you are not going to Chuck E Cheese's this week!"

Night: "But mommy and daddy, we love that place and those 5 things!"

Jenny: "You three should have thought about it before you pulled that stunt. Do you even realize that pulling a false fire alarm is dangerous? What if the fire department were late to the real fire, even a few minutes could cost someone else's lives. Firefighting is very serious business. I need you to go straight to your room and think about the error of your action."

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