Nerima High School Class 8B massacre was a shooting in a classroom in Nerima High School, 6 people were killed, rest of the class were injured


Kazuki Samo, age 21 at the time, brought in a gun, and went on a rampage and killed Toshio Karu, his rival who was in love with Satoko Shako, who was 18, 4 months pregnant, and shot her in the stomach, giving her unborn child minor injuries, then he killed Sachiko Maki, 18, by throwing her out of the window when she was hiding in a closet, she was pronounced dead in hospital, Kazuki was arrested before he could kill Kenji Kawata.


Toshio Karu, 17, killed by a shot to the head

Kasumi Kotoko, 18, killed while trying to defend Ms. Sachi from Kazuki Samo, died with mutliple stabs to the left eye with a pair of scissors.

Daisuke Mima, 17, killed by a shot to the chest

Aoi Sakoku, 17, killed while trying to escape by multiple shots

Kazuko Tansu, 16, youngest victim to die, died trying to save Sachiko and Satoko, by stabbing her abdomen and slashing the organs out and bleeding to death.

Sachiko Maki, 18, killed when Kazuki threw the closet she was hiding in out of the window using sheer force.


Satoko Shako, 18, Shot in the womb, damanging her lower abdomen, unborn baby checked, only prostate damaged.

Kenji Kawata, 18, Shot in the stomach and crotch 4 times, got testes and prostate operation to remove the bullets.

Sachiko Koshi, 18, shot in the ankle

Ai Shaki, 17, shot in the foot, this left her nearly unable to walk properly

Setsuko Taki, 18, wisdom tooth damanged from gunshot wound into mouth, replaced it with a gold tooth at hospital

Aiko Saito, 18, stabbed in leg trying to kill Kazuki Samo with his shotgun for killing Toshio Karu

Aki Kenji, 17, stabbed in the hip

Emiko Kaito, 17, stabbed in the nose, causing perament nose damage

Hana Kudo, 18, foot stabbed, making her unable to walk properly without a cane.

Moriko Higa, 17, hit 2 times, once trying to leave and the other time trying to get up, left her with arm damange and her arm in a cast for a few weeks

Akira Koma, 17, stabbed in the leg, this caused his to have his leg wrapped in bandages.

Ryuu Kaito, 17,  leg lacerated, stitched at hospital, but left his leg peramently damanged.

Shinji Yuku, 18, Minor injuries from splinters from a desk he was hiding


Satoko made a memorial of them in her backyard, and when her son was born, she named him after Toshio Karu


  • Satoko would name Toshio Samo after the late Toshio Karu, and uses him as a memento for the massacre, even though she still loves him.

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